Year 6 are wartime cooks

This week, Year 6 have been learning about rationing during World War II. On Monday, we planned a week’s worth of meals using rationing coupons. The children quickly realised this was a hard task and their meals were meagre in comparison to the meals we eat nowadays. At the start of the week we also began our ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign and picked/ dug up a variety of fruits and vegetables from the school’s garden. These were then washed and scrubbed by the classes and ready for our challenge: to create 3 wartime meals!

Throughout the week, we made homemade bread, a corned beef and vegetables dish and apple fruit cake.

We would like to thank Morrisons, Tesco and Aldi who all kindly donated items of food for our cooking week. We had the most wonderful week washing, preparing and cooking our meals!






Newsletter #24




Value: Hope


The children have really settled into their new classes and our Reception Class children have taken to school life seamlessly. There have already been trips and next week Year 2 will be going on their residential trip to Kingswood. Our exciting Creative Curriculum has seen Year 6 all be war time cooks using the vegetables from the school gardens. Please look at your child’s class web page to see what they have been up too.

New Parent Governor Vacancy

We have a vacancy for a parent governor. Parent governors are elected by and from the parents of children currently attending our school. They serve a three-year term of office and bring a very important and valued perspective to the work of the governing body.

You might like to look at the information for prospective governors on the Gloucestershire County Council website Further information on the role can also be obtained through the school office.


The governing body has a vital role to play in making sure every child receives the best possible education. This is achieved by ensuring that governors have the necessary skills and commitment to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. The particular skills that governing bodies need, will vary and will include personal qualities and capabilities, such as the capacity and willingness to learn and work as part of a team. It is expected that governors will make use of the various training opportunities available to them and play a full part in the work of the governing body. We are particularly encouraging those parents with finance experience.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, contact the school office with your nomination (self nomination is acceptable), which will need to be with the school by 12.00 noon on Friday 11th October 2019

If there are more nominations than vacancies, an election will be held and you will be sent a voting paper.


Harvest Festival

We are inviting you to celebrate Harvest with us at Holy Trinity Church next Thursday 3rd October at 9.30am. We are collecting donations of Milk (UHT), Fruit juice (long life cartons), Instant mash, Sponge puddings (tinned), Cereals, Tomatoes (tinned), Vegetables (tinned), Rice pudding (tinned), Biscuits, Tea bags, Instant coffee, Jam, Ham (tinned), Sanitary Products, Toilet rolls, Shampoo, Shower gel, Small soap powders from Monday please.

Evacuation Day

Our annual evacuation Day was scheduled for Friday 11th October, unfortunately this has now been postponed and a new date will be set in the new year. We will endeavour to provide you with plenty of notice as we know it impacts on childcare.



We would like to invite any Year 3 children to join the school choir. The choir meets after school every Thursday until 4.15pm. Those children wishing to join please speak to the office ladies.


Special Lunch

Next Thursday 3rd October is our Special Lunch day as well. The children have selected some of their favourite foods. If your child doesn’t normally have a hot school dinner can you please encourage them to do so next Thursday. The more children that have a school meal next Thursday provides the school with additional funds from the Local Authority. These funds we can use on the children’s education. The special Menu as chosen by the children is;-

Pizza, chips, beans or sweetcorn.

Jacket potatoes with fillings of cheese, Tuna or beans

Salad bar

Ice-cream and Jelly

Yum Yums

Fresh fruit

The cost of a school lunch is £2.20



Thursday 3rd Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity at 9.30am

Thursday 3rd Special Lunch

Thursday 10th Year 1 Birdland trip

Monday 14th Year 3 Rainforest Roadshow in school

Monday 14th PTC meeting

Friday 25th End of term normal finishing time


Mrs C Scott


A Mock Baptism for Year One

This afternoon we visited  Holy Trinity Church in Tewkesbury to learn about the Christian Baptism ceremony.

In R.E We have been learning about belonging and what it means to belong to a group – whether a school group, Rainbows, Beavers, swimming club or belonging to a faith.

We learnt that Christian parents might choose to welcome their baby into the Christian faith by having their baby baptised. Lucy Betts, Holy Trinity’s Family Coordinator showed us how the parents introduce their baby, choose Godparents, and how the baby is baptised in the font. We talked about the symbolic meaning  of the cross, the candle and the Bible. To finish we sang a hymn too.

We all throughly enjoyed our visit and learnt a lot.                          

A Day at a Victorian School…

On Friday, Year 2 went back in time to the Victorian era. The classrooms were transformed to resemble a Victorian school and the teachers and pupils dressed up for the occasion. In the Victorian times, boys and girls were made to line up and enter school in separate entrances. They also had to pay a penny a day for their education, so poor children could not afford to go to school. Throughout the day we completed activities such as reciting the alphabet and writing numbers to 100 on our chalk boards. We also completed a nature study and learnt more about Queen Victoria. The pupils were surprised at how strict the rules were in Victorian schools and we all agreed that we would prefer to be a pupil now. Did you know…

  • The school day usually began with prayers
  • Morning lessons began at 9:00am until 12:00. Children often went home for their lunchtime meal and then returned for afternoon classes from 2pm-5pm.
  • If pupils were unable to answer a question, they were made to sit in the corner and wear a dunces’ hat. This was to show everyone else that they were ‘dumb’.
  • If pupils were rude or misbehaved, they were to receive the cane. This was a large stick that would strike them across the hand or back of the legs.
  • If pupils wished to answer a question, they had to stand up and wait for permission to speak. If they called out, they would be punished.
  • Students had to stand every time an adult entered the room.


All the children and teachers had a great day and we were amazed at how wonderful they looked in their outfits. Thank you for all your efforts!

Miss Withers and Miss Cheal


Year 6 evacuated to the countryside

On Thursday 19th September, children from Tewkesbury C of E Primary School bid farewell to their parents and embarked on an evacuation adventure to discover more about World War II.

Once the children had arrived at Winchcombe railway station, they stepped through a time portal and were transported back to 1940! Shortly after travelling through time, a steam train arrived and the children boarded. Whilst some children felt apprehensive, others felt a sense of excitement for the journey ahead. To keep the children entertained for their journey to Cheltenham, some friendly villagers entertained the children with World War II songs. After we had finished singing our songs, we encountered a German spy but luckily our teachers were able to help arrest him and we continued merrily on our journey.

Throughout the day, the children were given training to learn how to fight fires caused by incendiary bombs, experienced an air raid and learned about what they would be expected to do while they were evacuated in the country for the duration of the war. We also had the opportunity to dress up in 1940s attire and explore items we had never encountered before- like a tea cosy, chamber pot and rug beater.





A busy start to our new term in Pre – School!

We have had a wonderful start back to our new term at Pre – School. The children have all settled in well and we have been busy learning about ourselves with our topic of ‘Marvellous Me’. We have spent time looking in the mirror to help us paint our portraits. We looked at our different …

Year One have become scientists!

Year one received a letter from Zeb; an alien from outer space:



To help him we decided that we need to become scientists to carry out our research.

We started our research by looking first at ourselves;

the human body and our senses…


We’ve had lots of fun being scientists; naming and labelling parts of the body and making our own skeletons!



We have also taken part in a number of experiments linked to our senses such as a smell test and a taste test!