Look who came to visit!

Year 2 had a very special visitor this term. Paddington Bear dropped in on his way to London and he made quite a mess in the Year 2 classrooms.

He asked the children to help him to find his way to London and also to make some more marmalade sandwiches for him, as he had run out!

The children then wrote back to him as a class with everything they had found out and even got to taste some yummy sandwiches.

He’s now in London and we’re hopeful for a postcard soon.


Welcome to our school Paddington.


What a mess Paddington and you’ve left marmalade on the door handles!


I hope you find a book you like – I love the David Williams books myself!


I hope you’re enjoying our letters and the yummy marmalade sandwiches we made.


Don’t leave any crumbs Paddington!


Thank you for visiting us Paddington. Come back again soon.