Year 1 Have a Tiger-y surprise!

Year 1 had a special delivery today. We received a large orange and black striped box. Inside there was a “lost” poster, explaining that someone had lost their tiger. The poster had a very clear description of the tiger, including his appearance and personality. Have you seen a loose tiger around? We haven’t seen one yet but we will be keeping a look out. There were also two pumpkin tiger heads to remind us what to look out for, and a large book of the story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


We also had a letter from a girl called Sophie, asking for our help to find her tiger. She said that she had given us a tiger-y treat in the hope of persuading us to help her. Inside a tin there was an orange cake. When we cut it open we found the cake was tiger striped! It was orange and black. Everyone had a piece while we listened to the story, and really enjoyed it. We look forward to learning more about The Tiger Who Came to Tea over the coming weeks, and learning how to describe characters.