Year 6 – Anti-Bullying 2018 #chooserespect

As part of National Anti-Bullying Week 2018, children in Year 6 took part in an afternoon of workshops.

Children discussed what bullying is, the types of bullying and how it can make people feel. Following this, children considered how bullying can be prevented and what each person can do if they witness bullying occurring.

As a year group, Year 6 watched the Pixar animation ‘For the Birds’ and considered why this animation highlighted aspects of bullying and discussed the types of bullying that were present throughout the story. Children explored each character in the animation (the victim, the perpetrators and the witnesses) and were encouraged to think about the role of each in detail.

Following this, children designed t-shirts as an opportunity to express themselves, show their individuality and celebrate their differences, incorporating the slogan #chooserespect in order to symbolise the respect they have for each others’ skills and abilities. The children also reminded themselves of the school’s anti-bullying charter, reviewed each aspect and signed it to show their agreement in ‘stamping out bullying at our school’.

We are really proud to report that our Year 6 children dealt with the topic of bullying in a very grown up way and the quality and depth of discussion that was had reflected very mature thinking and understanding.

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The tiger who came to school!

Mrs Arnold told the children that when she came in to school this morning the classroom was very untidy. She asked the office staff to check the CCTV cameras to see who had made all of the mess.

The children were very shocked to see that the tiger had visited our classrooms! We talked about the different things he had been doing such as jumping on the tables, painting with all of the paints and eating all of the pears!

We then wrote sentences using the -ing suffix to show what he had been up to!

The children then spent the rest of the day looking out for the tiger and investigating paw prints and scratch marks that they had found!

This afternoon they wrote their own signs and have hoped to entice him into school again using a trail of raisins and arrows marking the route!

They even created a home for him in the role play house

Great team work, problem solving and independent writing skills Class 3!

First Aid Training for Year 1

Today the children in year one received First Aid training.

We talked abut the difference between needing first aid and hospital treatment and sorted a range of pictures for each type.

We then talked about what we would do in an emergency and what number we should phone. The children were aware they needed to call ‘999’.

Our trainer Neil then told us the information we need to give to the operator in an emergency such as our name, address and phone number.

The children were shown how to put someone in the recovery position and then spent some time practising this with a partner.

We had fun learning this important life skill!  


First Aid Training for Pupils

Today, Year 6 (and other children from across the school) took part in Emergency First Aid training workshops.

Children participated in this essential training enthusiastically, taking part with practical activities as well as asking many important questions. Throughout the training, children developed their knowledge and understanding of what to do if they come across someone who requires emergency first aid and perfected their skills in emergency first aid procedures.

Would you know what to do in an emergency? Do you know what to do if someone is suffering from a cardiac arrest? How would you recognise a stroke? What would you do to help someone if they were suffering from a stroke? DR ABC can help! FAST could save your life! Ask your child about DR ABC and FAST.

Children enjoyed the Emergency First Aid training – it was very informative and all children understand the importance of the training as one day, they may be required to use this training to help save a life.

Newsletter #18




Value: Peace


We had a wonderful day with Boxing Champion Kerry Davies. She put the children and staff through their paces. So far the children have raised £562.15 for new play time equipment.

Armistice Assembly



To celebrate the 100 year remembrance our Year 6 children led us through a very moving assembly. They sang ‘Silent Night’ in German as well as English. All the children laid their Poppies around the flag pole and Mr Shaw, one of the Year 6 teachers played the ‘Last Post’. This was a very fitting tribute.

Reading Challenge Prize Winners

Following our ‘We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday’ and ‘Get Caught Reading’ summer challenges, we are delighted to announce the winners. For each competition, a £10 National Book Token was awarded during Thursday’s collective worship. All entries are winners in our eyes and as such have received house point awards from their teachers.

Our ‘Get Caught Reading’ picture competition was won by the Clingan family for their aeroplane cockpit photographs. Their pictures, along with all other entries, are on display in our school library.

All entries for our ‘We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday’ challenge were entered into a hat and the winner was drawn by our Open The Book Team. We are delighted to announce that Cassidy Wrightson was successfully selected.

Thank you for all your entries and your support with the competition.

New Sports Equipment


The equipment pack was awarded to our school following our successful application for last year’s Premier League Primary Stars Kit and Equipment Scheme. The scheme is part of the Premier League Primary Stars education programme which uses the appeal of Premier League and professional football clubs to inspire children at primary schools across England and Wales the opportunity to learn, be active and develop important life skills.

A huge thank you must go to the parents that highlighted a potential benefit from Premier League Primary Stars kit and equipment scheme.

As a result, we have been buoyed at the start of the new term, with the delivery of a free Premier League Primary Stars equipment pack. Stocked full of items including Nike match footballs, training bibs and numbered and lettered floor markers, the Premier League equipment pack will aid teacher delivery of active lessons across the curriculum.

Children in Need Day- Friday 16th November

This Friday we are dressing up in our Pyjamas in support of Children in Need. We are asking the children to donate any small change they may have to cover our Pudsey Bear.

All the way from Cairo Yasmina of Cairo

Charity Show on the 24th of November at Tewkesbury C of E School @ 7:30pm. Doors open at 7:00pm. Please see attached leaflet about this amazing event. You can purchase your ticket from the school office.

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Thank you for the many boxes already received. A reminder that the boxes will be collected on Friday 23rd November.

School Photographs

Can all orders be back by Friday 16th November please.

A reminder of PTC – Parents and Teacher Committee

This year we are opening our PTC to all parents throughout the school. Previously it was open to the parents of Reception classes only to help them make friends and become part of the school committee. I have had so many requests where parents would like to become involved with the school in some capacity. On Monday 19th November at 6.00pm-7.00pm at school we will be holding a special enrolment evening. If you have some time to give then please come along and enrol and put yourself forward to manage and suggest events. There will be a crèche available.

A reminder of the Open Morning

A reminder that we have another Open Morning on Thursday 22nd November at 10.00am for new pupils starting in September 2019.

A reminder of Up coming dates for October – for more dates please see the school website calendar

Monday 12th November all week Anti-Bullying week

Tuesday 13th November Whole School  First Aid Training

Monday 19th November PTC meeting 6.00pm-7.00pm

Wednesday 21st November Reading Raider Workshop – Parents  5.00pm- 6.00pm  Crèche available

Friday 7th December Reception classes trip to Smart Trees

Mrs C Scott


Year 1 Have a Tiger-y surprise!

Year 1 had a special delivery today. We received a large orange and black striped box. Inside there was a “lost” poster, explaining that someone had lost their tiger. The poster had a very clear description of the tiger, including his appearance and personality. Have you seen a loose tiger around? We haven’t seen one yet but we will be keeping a look out. There were also two pumpkin tiger heads to remind us what to look out for, and a large book of the story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


We also had a letter from a girl called Sophie, asking for our help to find her tiger. She said that she had given us a tiger-y treat in the hope of persuading us to help her. Inside a tin there was an orange cake. When we cut it open we found the cake was tiger striped! It was orange and black. Everyone had a piece while we listened to the story, and really enjoyed it. We look forward to learning more about The Tiger Who Came to Tea over the coming weeks, and learning how to describe characters.