Year 1 Trip to Birdland

Year 1 had a fabulous trip at Birdland today. Birdland provides excellent opportunities to support the year 1 science objectives that we are working on currently (to identify and name examples of reptiles, mammals, fish, birds and amphibians and to compare the structures of different animals). As the name suggests, their main focus is birds with a huge variety in enclosures designed to represent their country of origin, or on the beautiful river and ponds in the park, as well as talks and feeding sessions throughout the day.

In the morning we attended the penguin feeding session and listened to a talk by the penguin keeper. We learnt that Bob the King penguin was standing by and not coming to get some fish to eat because he thought he had an egg to incubate, but sadly he had none, and yesterday he even tried to incubate a leaf! We also attended the flamingo feeding session and learnt that flamingoes stand on one leg to keep their other leg warm if the water is cold.

We all enjoyed the Meet the Keeper session at lunchtime, where we got to stroke tortoises, handle a bearded dragon lizard, and look closely at tarantulas, snakes and rabbits. In the discovery centre we also saw other examples of fish, amphibians, mammals and reptiles to compare with the birds.

There was also the Jurassic Journey, their newly opened dinosaur safari with true-to-size model dinosaurs hidden around a woodland trail, which supports our Autumn Term theme; Stomp, Chomp, Roar, Roar, Here Come the Dinosaurs! Everyone loved spotting them and following the code hunt for a badge prize.

A great day was had by all, many thanks to the parent helpers and to the staff at Birdland for making our day so enjoyable.