WW2 Evacuation Day

On Thursday 20th September, a cold, wet and dreary day, children from Tewkesbury C of E Primary School bid farewell to their parents and embarked on an evacuation adventure to discover more about World War 2.

Children arrived at Winchcombe Railway Station and were greeted by local farmers and villagers who were going to guide them through evacuation experience. Shortly after their arrival at the station, the steam train arrived and the children boarded. To keep them entertained for the long journey to Cheltenham, friendly villagers entertained the children with tales and stories as well as songs of the day.

Throughout the day, children were given training to learn how to fight fires caused by incendiary bombs, experienced an air raid and learned about what they would be expected to do while they were evacuated in the country for the duration of the war.

Click HERE to see more photos of the children’s evacuation experience.