Year 1 Trip to Weston-super-Mare!

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Weston-Super-Mare today. The weather was perfect as it was not too hot.

Everyone enjoyed building sandcastles and digging in the sand. We also had great fun paddling and splashing in the sea. We had learned about traditional donkey rides in History, and everyone loved the opportunity to ride the friendly donkeys. Millie got to ride Millie the donkey, and Rosie rode Rosie the donkey. Some children even had a little trot.

We ate our picnic lunch on the beach, keeping our lunch safe from the “scavenging seagulls” which were just as greedy as the ones in our Literacy text, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. Afterwards we played some games like frisbee, football and ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’. Each child also had an ice-cream. The return journey was much quieter; almost every child was asleep!

The children represented our school really well – they shared and played kindly with each other, kept our area of the beach tidy and were all willing to ‘have-a-go’ at going in the sea or on a donkey. A big thank you to our parent helpers and to Miss Palfrey who joined us for the day.


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