How to Make Seagull-Proof Sandwiches!

Year 1 are currently studying The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. In the story, “three scavenging seagulls swooped down and devoured the lunch” and Mrs Grinling ultimately manages to put them off using mustard-filled sandwiches. We talked about other disgusting ingredients which might put the seagulls off the lunch forever, and wrote instructions for how to make them. We then spent extra time making sure everyone produced super writing which they were proud to show off. We were very lucky to be visited by Mrs Vochin from Subway on the High Street, Tewkesbury, who came to see the children’s instructions and gave her expert opinion on their sandwich-making ideas.

Everyone had a Subway sticker for their hard work.

Thank you very much to Mrs Vochin!