Newsletter #14


We have had a very successful and productive couple of weeks. In athletics the children won the Large Schools Tournament, the Drama Club performed a spectacular version of Aladdin and the Tag Rugby, American Football and Cricket teams have also done exceedingly well in their competitions. Year 5 took part in a festival organised by the Tewkesbury School head teachers, for the pupils, to come together and work collaboratively to overcome physical challenges and mental problem solving. Again our pupils received awards for their successes as individually as well as a team.

Monday we launched our Science Arts week with an amazing assembly led by Mr Shaw who demonstrated several science experiments to ignite the children’s curiosity for the coming days.

Thank you for the offers of help. If you have not yet paid £3 for the children’s T shirts please do so.


On our summer parents evening (Thursday 19th July) at 3.30pm we will be show casing the new royal blue uniform. Whilst the logo sweatshirts and cardigans are compulsory, there is also a range of other uniform items that parents may wish to order for September.  Parents will be able to select uniform items by completing an online form.  Uniforms can then be collected on the two INSET days (3rd & 4th September) when the school will be open throughout the day.


A huge thank you to those parents who have provided us with gazebo’s this week, to help shelter the children from the extreme heat. Can I ask that the children continue to wear sun hats and sun cream during this extremely hot spell.


From next week we will be issuing our own parking notices to those parents who continue to drive and park in Rope Walk. It is frustrating and annoying for those parents who do park responsibly. Most parents need to get to work but set out earlier so that they can park responsibly and this is what we are asking those parents who continually use Rope Walk to do the same.  Many schools in the town have an issue around parking for parents but we are the only school where free parking permits are granted to stop irresponsible parking. It would be amazing to share with those schools that we are 100% clear of parent parking by our school.


Thurs 5th July PTC (Parents and Teachers Committee) disco

Friday 6th July INSET the school site will be closed there will be no staff

Mon & Tues 9th & 10th July Year 6 Transition day to Tewkesbury High School

Tues 10th July Moving up day in new class teacher for September.

Weds 11th Summer Fayre – the big bounce

Year 4 Experience Ancient Egypt!

On Friday 15th June, children in Year 4 stepped into their time machine and travelled back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians! While in Egypt, they met the father of Tutankhamun, the great Pharaoh Akhenaten who told the children about life in ancient Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs. The children were given the opportunity to explore Tutankhamun’s tomb and discover the great treasures that were hidden inside. As well as that, the children learned more about mummification, the gods, daily life and social structure within this great society by performing short drama sketches. The children all had a great day and were disappointed to return to the modern day!


How to Make Seagull-Proof Sandwiches!

Year 1 are currently studying The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. In the story, “three scavenging seagulls swooped down and devoured the lunch” and Mrs Grinling ultimately manages to put them off using mustard-filled sandwiches. We talked about other disgusting ingredients which might put the seagulls off the lunch forever, and wrote instructions for how to make them. We then spent extra time making sure everyone produced super writing which they were proud to show off. We were very lucky to be visited by Mrs Vochin from Subway on the High Street, Tewkesbury, who came to see the children’s instructions and gave her expert opinion on their sandwich-making ideas.

Everyone had a Subway sticker for their hard work.

Thank you very much to Mrs Vochin!

Materials in Year 1

Year 1 have been studying materials. Today we looked at a range of materials, choosing the odd one out and explaining our choices based on the properties of the materials. We also produced texture collages and completed some independent sorting activities for the properties of materials.


Year 6 Leavers’ service at Gloucester Cathedral

Year 6 pupils took part in the leavers’ service at Gloucester Cathedral this morning along with several other C of E schools in Gloucestershire. This was a chance to reflect on their time in primary school and thank you to God and one another.

Zuzanna and Rhys both represented our school wonderfully with two readings to the congregation. Amelie and Ben also made excellent banner bearers.