Year 6 lead Remembrance Assembly

Pupils in year 6 today led the whole school in marking Remembrance day.

Having spent the week looking at the events around WW1 – including analysing poetry by WW1 poets such as Wilfred Owen and John McCrae – they created their own poetry and pieces of art inspired by what they had learned.

As part of our Remembrance assembly, they shared their poetry and art with the whole school and led prayers and the reading out of the Roll of Honour of those from Tewkesbury who gave their lives to fight in WW1. It was well delivered and moving assembly and the pupils can be very proud of their efforts.

Here is some of the art

Here is the poem written by Sofia, Patrick, Trystan and Evie which captures the horror and hopelessness of WW1

We are the dead

Forever in my dead dreams,

I am stuck in the hopeless land of dread,

this nightmare rewinds again in my head.


The battlefield appears in my mind,

the gas leaking out from behind,

the toxic fumes with lungs consumed,

my fellow soldier, in illness, was marooned.


His gouged eyes, white and writhing,

his dirty and soiled blood was rising,

his decayed body fell to the ground.

In the gas, his lungs drowned.


At least hidden in the poppies,

he was safe and sound.

brave and heroic, he was crowned.


Moving on, I too fell,

too busy watching him die

to fit my clumsy helmet,

I let out a wounded cry.


The gaping hole in my face

could not compare to that in my heart.

Now in heaven I solemnly fly,

to the earth I said goodbye.


The hope I left in my legacy,

for all the wars to end,

was destroyed by the fact,

I didn’t know who was foe or friend