Last week in Year 4…24.11.17

Last week, we did lots of learning! We have learned more about earthquakes and tsunamis which has been very interesting. Did you know that tsunamis are caused by earthquakes? In maths, we have been practicing our times tables and learning more about multiplication and division. In literacy, we have been working on newspaper reports. In science, we have been learning about sound and how sound waves travel through the air as vibrations to the ear.

Written by: Jack A & Finley J

Year 4 Learn to Make the Perfect Pizza!

On Tuesday 21st November, Miss Jaryczewski’s Year 4 class visited Pizza Express in Cheltenham. While there, the children discovered the secret to making the perfect pizza and learned more about the ingredients and toppings that are used in this favourite tea time treat.

The children had a great time making their own pizzas and I am sure that they had even more fun eating them!

More footballing success!

Well done to Tewkesbury C of E football team, who played the first part of the Tewkesbury School’s League competition this afternoon. We are currently top of the league, with 5 wins and 1 defeat, scoring an impressive 11 goals and only conceding 2.



C of E      2 v 0    John Moore

C of E      3 v 0    Hopelands

C of E      0 v 1    Tirlebrook

C of E      2 v 0    Mitton

C of E      2 v 0    Gretton

C of E      2 v 1    Twyning


The league table will follow shortly.

Instruction Writing literacy topic

In Year 1 we have started our new literacy topic, which is instruction writing. We began with a hook lesson, following a set of instructions to make a milkshake. We are learning the book “How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth”, and we look forward to writing lots of other sets of instructions over the next few weeks including how to feed a monkey, and how to make a jam sandwich!

This week in Year 4…17.11.17

This week we have been understanding more about buildings and what happens to them during an earthquake. We used marshmallows and cocktails to build structures, then we put them on trays of jelly. We shook the trays of jelly just like an earthquake was happening to see if our buildings would be earthquake proof or whether they would collapse. Luckily, most of our houses survived, but some collapsed.

In PE, we’ve been practicing our netball skills, especially our chest passing and bounce passing. We’re all really enjoying it.

Today has been a special day because we have raised money to support Children in Need. It is amazing that the school raised £512! Wow!

Written by: Nyall G & Kelsy D