Newsletter #1 – 08/09/17


Welcome back after what I hope has been a good summer holidays for everyone. Thank you for your continuing support with school uniform. They all looked very smart indeed. The children have been sharing their holiday travels and experiences with us, they certainly have enjoyed themselves. During the break substantial work has been carried out both outside and inside the school. We have a new library room with a bespoke electronic scaling system that quizzes the children on each book they read and sets their next challenging book. Our PE store and resources have been relocated and audited giving the children more equipment to use during playtimes. We launched a Singapore Maths scheme throughout the school this week. It is particularly credited for inspiring children with the ‘Can Do’ approach, relating not just to maths but to all learning and life challenges. The children are enjoying the changed approached. All in all it has been a lovely positive start to the academic year.

Staff News

During the holiday Mrs Lewis gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Our congratulations go to both her and her husband at this very special time.


We have updated our website with notable events throughout the year. For a paper version please ask at the school office.

INSET dates

24th November 2017

2nd January 2018

6th July 2018


Swimming starts in the spring term for years 1, 3 & 5

After School Clubs

A letter will be going out to the children next week for them to make their choices of clubs.

Residential Visits

We currently arrange three residential visits a year. We would very much like to sustain these visits as the children gain so much from their experience. However, there has been a considerable rise in the cost of these residentials . We are giving parents the opportunity to start paying gradually. More information will be given at the year group overview meetings. Below are the overall costs.

Kingswood for Y2        The cost this year will be £100

Pioneer Centre for Y4 The cost this year will be £220

IOW for Y6                 The cost this year will be £350

Overview Meetings- Parents only a crèche will be provided

These meetings are particularly valuable for parents to attend as the whole year overview, expectations, homework and residentials are discussed.

Wednesday 13th September                 6.00pm Yr 2

Monday 18th September                         6.00pm Yr 1

Wednesday 20th September                   6.00pm Yr 3

Thursday 21st September                      6.00pm Yr 4

Monday 25th September                        6.00pm Yr 5

Tuesday 26th September                       6.00pm Yr 6


I am delighted to say that our Pre-School is now expanding to whole day sessions including a lunchtime provision. We are accepting the 30 hour funded places. For additional information please contact Rachel McMahon Pre-School Manager on 01684 292306

Tumble Tots

The Tumble Tots gymnastic club is now offering classes at the school every Saturday from 8.00am to 2.00pm for additional information please contact Catherine on 0844 984 0338.


A reminder that all newsletters from next week are on our website or you can have it sent to your personal email address. (please give updated details to the office).

Dinner Menu

Please check the school website for the current dinner menu. Please note there 3 daily options for the children to choose from.

Breakfast & Afterschool Provision

A reminder bookings and payment for breakfast and afterschool provision need to be made on the Thursday before the week required. We cannot guarantee spaces if bookings are made after Thursday.