YR6 Ride for RNLI

On Friday 9th June, Pupils from Year 6 participated in a sponsored bike ride which took place on the school field and the money raised will be donated to the RNLI during their upcoming trip to the Isle of Wight. We raised well over a whopping £1000!

A special report by Thomas Singer

After more than a week of organising and preparing for this moment, the Year 6 staff and pupils were ready for the tough task ahead: they were about to ride 25 laps of the school field.

Some of the Year 6s felt brave an thought they could do 50, 75 or even 100 laps. Also, others decided to run laps in addition.

Our friends were also really supportive and gave us water and counted how many laps we had done. We all supported each other and gave each other encouragement and there were even some chants of support.

At the end, the children were rewarded with a bag of sweets as a thank you for being dedicated and support to each other.

Twenty-five laps of the school field is 5 miles and so, as there are 60 pupils in Year 6, this means that a total distance of 300 miles (more than the total return distance to the Isle of Wight).

When I spoke to Leo Berryman, an enthusiastic witness to this event, he told me “I really enjoyed the riding and had to be tough. Also, I got jelly legs when I got off my bike but carried on and did more running laps; I was very energetic that day and would definitely do it again.” I also spoke to Daniel Ward who said that he liked how every one supported each other.

So, if you had the opportunity to do something like this, would you?