Y6 Stone Age launch day

Special report by Ruby Wilson, Layla Watts and Olivia-Paige Chafer

On Thursday 18th May, Y6 had their launch day. It was about Cave men/women and how they would have survived in the Stone Age. We got dressed up and acted like we would’ve then for the whole day. The day was really interesting.

In the morning, we went outside and were put into tribes and were told to come up with a tribal name and to put this on our banners. The tribal names were:

  • The Scorpions
  • The Meat Batterers
  • The Cave of Legends
  • The Bone Crunchers.

We also had to perform a tribal dance to help identify ourselves.

After break, we had to do four different activities:

  • Cave painting
  • Making Fire
  • Hunting
  • Shelter making

With the cave painting, we sat in the ‘cave’ aka pirate ship and used charcoal to paint images of things from Stone Age times like people with spears and animals like mammoths and deer.

When we made fire we learnt to use flint to create a spark and light fires.

With hunting, Mr Swale taught us how hunt different Stone Age animals. For example with things living in trees we used a blow pipe, but with woolly mammoths we had to encircle the beast and surround it then use spears.

With shelter making we had to used natural materials to make a shelter, and be sure that we had a space to store carcasses from hunting.

We finished the day by doing some oral story telling, which was how they used to keep themselves entertained.

The day was inspiring and great fun. We look forward to learning more about our topic ‘Ages ago’.