Numeracy Home Learning Letter to Parents Updated


Pdf version: Numeracy Home Learning Letter to Parents Updated

Dear Parents,
We would like to inform you of the improvements we are making to numeracy homework at our school.
The new approach to numeracy home learning will encourage children to practise a wide range of mathematical skills and will provide children with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts relevant to their specific year group curriculum. Home learning challenges have been designed to be interesting, enjoyable and exciting, prompting discussion about maths in the world around us.
The challenges set are differentiated, with the level of challenge being identified through a star system. In conjunction with a parent/teacher, children can select an appropriate level of challenge to work at:

Working Towards the expected level
Working At the expected level
Exceeding the expected level
Children will be expected to complete all challenges in pencil in their numeracy home learning books, showing their workings and strategies. By showing their approach to solving a problem, teachers will be able to develop a greater understanding of your child’s understanding, areas of strength and skills that will need further development.
Tewkesbury C of E Primary School is an eco-friendly, technology school. With this in mind, all numeracy home learning tasks will be available in a digital format through Showbie. Showbie is a free to download app for Apple and Android devices. It can also be accessed online at Each child has their own username and password to allow them to access the relevant weekly challenge sheets. Teachers will provide you with the relevant login details.
Numeracy home learning tasks will be set each Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday. Children who return completed home learning tasks early will receive bonus points. Children will also be awarded House Points for returning home learning tasks that are completed to a high standard. Parental support, as always, is encouraged and greatly appreciated. It is anticipated that numeracy home learning tasks should take approximately 15-20 minutes per week, but no longer than 30 minutes per week.
Teachers are more than happy to help children with their home learning tasks, however it is essential that children must ask for help before the scheduled return day. If you have any questions about the new approach to numeracy home learning, please contact your child’s class teacher.
Many thanks for your continued support,
Miss Jaryczewski & Miss Armstrong
Numeracy Subject Leaders