Newsletter #16 – 27/1/17

Value – Respect | Menu – Week 2


Today Mr Eveleigh’s Year 6 class led our morning collective worship. It was an inspiring way to start the day. The children spoke in their own words about the meaning of ‘Charity’ and explained with authority on a range of local, national and international charities. They set each class a different ‘charity’ challenge for the week. These included donating with a parent an item of clothing or toy to a charity shop in Tewkesbury. The worship was concluded with a Bible story about the old lady who gave her last coins to charity and apologised for not having more whilst the rich men gave large amount of money and bragged about how generous they had been. Jesus praised the old lady saying she had given the most because of the charity in her heart.

Last Friday I reported that our choir had set off for the 02 to perform with other school choirs. It was as predicted an amazing experience for both the children and their parents. It was a long and exhausting day as the children arrived back in Tewkesbury at a little after 1.00am. Thank you Miss J for organising the event and the staff members, (Mr Hibell, Mrs Sweeting, Mrs Buchanan and Mrs Wiggins) who gave up their own time to ensure the children went.


Our pre-school is increasing weekly with new children joining. We have Free Funded places available for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds. The Pre-School team is led by Miss Rowland and Mrs McMahon and supported by Mrs Hughes, Miss Hewett, Miss Smith and Miss Merriman. If you have a pre-school aged child why not drop by and see the team and view the amazing learning experiences.


All clubs 3.15 – 4.15pm

Monday – Football Y5/6, Multi Skills Y1/2, Choir Y4,5,6
Tuesday – Netball Y6, French Y1/2, Football Y3/4, Maths Club Y1/2 with parents, Tag Rugby Y5/6, Drama Y4/5/6
Wednesday – Andy Tucker Football Y1/2
Thursday – Cross Country Y4/5/6, Dance Y2
Friday – Table Tennis Y3/4, Book Y3/4/5/6


3rd February Mrs Lewis Assembly 9.00am
13th February – 17th February Half Term
20th February School starts 8.50am
28th March Parents evening
29th March Parents evening

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