Newsletter #15 – 20/1/17

Value – Respect | Menu – Week 1


Today Mr Shaw’s Year 6 class led our morning collective worship. It was an inspiring way to start the day. The children spoke in their own words about the meaning of ‘Opinion’ and how people differ in their views. They illustrated this point by linking it to the American presidential election. The worship concluded with a video clip of the famous Martin Luther King speech ‘ I have a dream’

Our choir and their parents set off early this morning to join other school choirs to perform at the 02 Arena. It is an amazing opportunity for the children and one which the parents thoroughly enjoy too.

After School Clubs

Thank you for your co-operation this week when collecting the children from the Cascades car park. The residents have reported positively how the traffic congestion has been reduced. We are extremely fortunate that FREE parking is granted for 30 minutes in the morning and at the end of the day. Parking permits are available at the school office. There is NO FREE parking past 3.30pm. This is a fee paying car park and the school is not responsible for any parking fines for non-payment outside these times. I appreciate for some families attending multiple clubs this can have a financial impact. We are in communication with the borough council to extend the time period of free parking for our parents. However, until such times that an arrangement has been granted/agreed I would respectfully ask parents to pay for the parking beyond 3.30pm.


Can I remind parents to have all items of uniform named. It was much easier to reunite lost items this week when named. Uniforms can be expensive and it is a particular frustration for both parents and staff when items are lost but when found have no name and so remain unclaimed. All unclaimed uniform has been bagged and sent to the charity Samara’s Appeal which will transport the clothing to refugees in Syria and Iraq.


Our pre-school is increasing weekly with new children joining. We have Free Funded places available for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds. The Pre-School team is led by Miss Rowland and Mrs McMahon and supported by Mrs Hughes, Miss Hewett, Miss Smith and Miss Merriman. If you have a pre-school aged child why not drop by and see the team and view the amazing learning experiences.


All clubs 3.15 – 4.15pm
Monday Football Y5/6, Multi Skills Y1/2, Choir Y4,5,6
Tuesday Netball Y6, French Y1/2, Football Y3/4, Maths Club Y1/2 with parents, Tag Rugby Y5/6, Drama Y4/5/6
Wednesday Andy Tucker Football Y1/2
Thursday Cross Country Y4/5/6, Dance Y2
Friday Table Tennis Y3/4, Book Y3/4/5/6


27th January Y6 Mr Eveleigh Assembly 9.00am
28th March Parents Evening
29th March Parents Evening

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