Newsletter #14 – 12/1/17

Value – Respect | Menu – Week 3


We have had a very eventful week with year 1 pupils
dressing up as their favourite fairy tale characters. We had Kings, Queens, Princesses, Knights, Red Riding Hoods and children’s costumes. Thank you parents for supporting in this way. Years 5 & 6 experienced the Space Dome at scho
ol. The giant structure was erected in the school hall where the children could view the solar system, star constellation and galaxies. The dome has often been used on the BBC, Sky at Night series.

After School Clubs – Collection

It is with both sadness and dismay that I have to ask all parents to please note that from next Tuesday 17th January 2017, at the end of each club night, we will be walking the children to cascades car park for parents to co llect. We have had to make this decision because of the escalation of complaints from residents in Rope Walk and
Chance Street. Whilst increasing the number of clubs for our children to benefit from it has created an unforeseen social problem; vehicles left with their engines running
and unattended, residents subjected to verbal abuse and their drive ways obstructed, the children being narrowly missed as parents drive up the pavements and staff cars blocked in the school car park. We have to work in harmony with the school community and that involves being considerate to their quality of life.
This week I have met with the Parents Forum Group who represent every year group in the school and in consultation with them it was agreed to trial this approach. If it proves to be unsuccessful we may have to reduce the number of clubs on offer next term. To reiterate, all children attending after school activity clubs will be taken to the cascade car park by staff at 4.15pm and handed to parents/responsible adult. We will remain with thechildren for 10 minutes and those children not met will be returned to the school for collection. No child will be handed over on the school grounds as this will not address the parking issues. Parents not collecting their children on time will be asked to withdraw their child from the activity. Sadly if parents parked in Cascades and walked to the school to collect their children none of these incidents would have had occurred and this action would be unneccesary.


Lost Property – Clear Out

Next Tuesday 17th January, before and after school all the un-named lost property will be laid out in the hall for parents’ collection. Those items with pupils names in will be reunited with their owner during the school day. Any un-named items not collected on Tuesday, will be sold on and profits given to school funds. We are unable
to store such vast amounts of lost property.


A final reminder that Monday 16th January is an INSET day.



Our pre-school is increasing weekly with new children joining. We have Free Funded
places available for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds. The Pre-School team is led by Miss Rowland and Mrs McMahon and supported by Mrs Hughes, Miss Hewett, Miss Smith and Ms Merriman.
If you have a pre-school aged child why not drop by and see the team and view the amazing learning experiences.

A reminder – Open Days Reception Parents for 2017

We have a final open morning for parents with children looking to start school in September 2017 on Tuesday 10th January 2017 between 10-12noon. Our last two Open mornings were well attended with over 60 parents attending


Clubs – All clubs 3.15 – 4.15pm
Tuesday Netball Y6, French Y1/2, Football Y3/4, Maths Club
Y1/2 with parents, Tag Rugby Y5/6, Drama Y4/5/6
Wednesday Andy Tucker Football Y1/2
Thursday Cross Country Y4/5/6, Dance Y2
Friday Table Tennis Y3/4, Book Y3/4/5/6


16 January – INSET Day – School closed to pupils
20th January – Young Voices O2 visit
17th January – 27th January – Y6 Cycling
20th January 9.00am – Mr Shaw Assembly
28th March – Parents Evening
29th March – Parents Evening