Newsletter #13 – 6/1/17

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We start the New Year celebrating the wonderful presentation made to the school from the RNLI in recog
nition of theschools charitable donations. Over the past 26 years pupil and staff from the school have enjoyed the Year 6 annualresidential trip to the Isle of Wight. As part of the experience the Year 6 children fund raise at school and personally hand their donation to the RNLI at Bembridge station, Isle of Wight. We have over the years received plaques and certificates in recognition, this year however the RNLI specially commissioned a trophy sculpted in the shape of a
boat rudder. It is in every sense a unique award. It was calculated that the school had donated in excess of £20,000 during this time enabling the life guard station to purchase essential lifesaving equipment. The trophy is on view in the school office.


RNLI Bembridge staff present certificate to pupils
RNLI Bembridge staff present certificate to pupils


A reminder please note: INSET day for Friday 17th March 2017 has been changed to
Monday 16th January 2017 (school will be closed to pupils).

Data Collection Sheets

We have this week sent home data collection sheets for each child, please complete the highlighted areas and return to the school office no later than 11th January.


Esafety- iPhones
Earlier in the week I sent a letter to the parents of Year 5&6 children regarding cyber bullying and using iPhones responsibly. Co-incidentially this has been a national news item highlighting how vulnerable children are on social media programs. Parents face mounting pressures to give their children a mobile phone sooner than they would prefer. In some cases children as young as 5 have a mobile phone. It is quite common practice for Year6 children to be given a phone ready for their transition to high school. Many mobile phones are now iPhones and that brings it
both amazing opportunities but also responsibility.
Our school website has links to websites that can advise parents on how to monitor and support their child using the internet/iPhones/social media sites. Click here.


Our pre-school is increasing weekly with new children joining. We have Free Funded
places available for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds. The Pre-School team is led by Miss Rowland and Mrs McMahon and supported by Mrs Hughes, Miss Hewett, Miss Smith and Ms Merriman.
If you have a pre-school aged child why not drop by and see the team and view the amazing learning experiences.

A reminder – Open Days Reception Parents for 2017

We have a final open morning for parents with children looking to start school in September 2017 on Tuesday 10th January 2017 between 10-12noon. Our last two Open mornings were well attended with over 60 parents attending

Clubs – All Clubs 3.15pm – 4.15pm

Monday Football Y5/6, Multi Skills Y1/2, Choir Y4,5,6
Tuesday Netball Y6, French Y1/2, Football Y3/4, Maths Club
Y1/2 with parents, Tag Rugby Y5/6, Drama Y4/5/6
Wednesday Andy Tucker Football Y1/2
Thursday Cross Country Y4/5/6, Dance Y2
Friday Table Tennis Y3/4, Book Y3/4/5/6


13th January Y5 & 6 Space Dome
16th January INSET day (Staff training day – school
closed to pupils)
17th January – 27th January Y6 Cycling Training
20th January Young Voices 02 visit
28th March Parents Evening 3.30pm – 6.20pm
29th March Parents Evening 3.30pm – 6.20pm