All Things Wild trip

Year 1 went to All Things Wild near Evesham, to learn about the dinosaurs. We took ‘A Step Through Time’ to discover when the dinosaurs lived and had a glimpse at what they might have looked like. We thought some dinosaurs looked funny, whilst others looked scary!

We participated in education activities. We had to measure a spinosaurus footprint using our wellies and discovered it was 10 wellies wide and 7 wellies long! We also had to be palaeontologists and match the dinosaur fossil to the correct body part.

In our science lessons, we are learning about groups of animals (reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and fish) and we had the opportunity to handle some reptiles on our trip. We were very brave and stroked a leopard gecko, python and boa constrictor!

After lunch we enjoyed searching for dinosaur fossils in the sandpit. We did a great job at unearthing a dinosaur skeleton…