Newsletter #2 – 16/9/16

Value – Hope | Menu – Week 3


What a fabulous week the school has had. The children have settled well and adapting to the challenges of their Year groups. Year 4 launched their topic of the Egyptians and dressed as pharaohs and mummies. Year 2 children came dressed as Victorians and had a very strict lesson led by school master Mr Rylatt and School madam Miss Armstrong. Year 5 made headdresses and were entertained by the story teller, Professor McGinty’ who cast them back in time to the Greek Empire. We were very much a living museum this week.


Open the Book led their first assembly of the term with a re-enactment of David and Goliath. We welcome and enjoy the OTB team. Their dramatization of the Bible stories, help the children understand the meaning of the values in more depth.

Playground Trees

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by many trees on our grounds, particularly at the front of the school. Throughout the day the children know not to climb, swing or damage them. However at the start of the day and end of the day some children are climbing, swinging and sadly damaging the small trees. Please can I request that whilst children are under the supervision of parents, grandparents or child minders that they refrain the children from doing so. There is also the risk of personal injury which the school is not liable for.

Year Group Meetings

Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend the year group meetings this week and I hope you found them both informative and interesting. Next week it is the turn of Year 3 parents on Monday and Year 4 parents on Tuesday. Breakfast/after school club We are now full most mornings for breakfast club and full for the afterschool provision. We will not be able to guarantee places on an adhoc or morning of the day needed. It is therefore, important that booking and payments are made at the office on the preceding Thursday.


Our newsletters will be available on our website from this week. A few printed copies will be available from the school office. It is part of our environmental initiative.

School Vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for an afterschool cleaner and lunchtime supervisor. Anyone interested in either position please contact the school office.


Monday – Football Y5/6 4.15pm finish, Choir Y4/5/6 4.15pm finish

Tuesday  – Netball Y6 4.15pm finish, Science Y1 4.15pm finish, Football Y3/4 4.15pm finish, Cooking Y3/4/5/6 4.15pm finish, Drama Y4/5/6 4.15pm finish, Maths Club Y1/2 & Parents 4.15pm finish

Wednesday  – Girls Tag Rugby Y4/5 4.15pm finish

Thursday  – Dance Y2 4.15pm finish, X Country Race 1 Vineyards 4.00pm – 5.00pm finish

Friday – Book Club Y3,4,5,6 4.15pm finish, Table Tennis Y5/6 4.15pm finish


19th September  – Y3 Parents overview 6.00pm
20th September – Y4 Parents overview 6.00pm
20th September – Air Ambulance visit to whole school
22nd September – Reception classes phonic workshops 2.00pm and 6.00pm

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A Gruffalo! What’s a Gruffalo?

We received a letter from a neighbour who had seen some unusual sighting and heard some strange noises. We decided to go and investigate…

We put on our listening ears and went to have a look.

We discovered 10 purple prickles

We had fun exploring and making our own tracks using different tools, just like the Gruffalo.

The Gruffalo sent us a letter asking us if we could make his favourite food…’Gruffalo Crumble’.

We carefully chopped the apples and helped to mix the crumble topping.

We then tasted it. It was delicious!

We have been recalling the story of the Gruffalo through a story map.

We have used the pictures and some actions to help us remember it.


We have had fun making changes to our story maps and giving the Gruffalo a different appearance.










We have enjoyed creating representations of the Gruffalo using a range of materials such as paper, paint, conkers and even coffee flavoured playdough!

Year 1 are going on a bear hunt

Year 1 came into their classes to discover there had been a visitor! The visitor had left footprints. We discussed whose footprints they might be and where the footprints could lead to. We followed the footprints and were taken through long, wavy grass; a deep cold river; thick, oozy mud; a big dark forest; a swirling whirling snowstorm and finally a dark and gloomy cave. We then found a BEAR! Here are some photos of our fun and exciting hunt…


Learning about Autumn

Reception classes have been learning about Autumn.

We went on a walk to look at the trees changing colour and found lots of different coloured leaves in our environment.

We read the story ‘Leaf Man’ by Lois Ehlert and used the leaves that we had collected to create our own leaf men.


Newsletter #1 – 9/9/16

Value – Hope | Menu – Week 2


Welcome back after what I hope has been a good summer holiday for everyone. Thank you for your continuing support with school uniform. The children all looked very smart indeed. The children have been sharing their holiday travels and experiences with us, they certainly have enjoyed themselves. During the break substantial work has been carried out both inside and outside the school. You will have noticed the new fencing in KS1 playground. This replaces the previously tired fencing. Inside a new wiring installation for the ever increasing technology demands has been completed. Year 2 classrooms now join both year 1 and the reception classes in the installation of interactive TV’s these will greatly enhance the children’s IT experiences and build on their knowledge from year 1. It has been a very busy first week back with our Reception class children settling into the school routine amazingly.

Tewkesbury C of E Pre-School

On Monday our Pre-School opened. We are now able to take funded 2, 3 and 4 year olds. For more information contact the school office. Year Group Meetings Next week and the following week is the year group overview meeting for parents. These meeting are led by the class teachers, who share the year curriculum, trips, residentials (if applicable) homework and routines. Parents have previously said how valuable these meetings have been. There will be a crèche available for the children. All meetings start at 6.00pm.

Monday 12th September  –  YEAR 1 Parents
Tuesday 13th September  – YEAR 2 Parents
Wednesday 14th September – YEAR 5 Parents
Thursday 15th September – YEAR 6 Parents
Monday 19th September – YEAR 3 Parents
Tuesday 20th September – YEAR 4 Parents

School Dinners

We have launched a new menu this term and the children really like the meals now being served. A reminder that Year 3,4,5 & 6 children are charged £2.20 per meal if you feel that you may be entitled to free school meals please follow the attached link to register

Last Printed Newsletter

Our newsletters will be available on our website from next week. A few printed copies will be available from the school office. It is part of our environmental initiative.

Crossing Patrol – Barton Street

Next week the Barton Street crossing will be unmanned on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

School Vacancies

We currently have a vacancy for an after school cleaner, crossing patrol warden and lunchtime supervisor. Anyone interested in either position please contact the school office.

After School Clubs

We are trying a new system of club registration this year. Next week we will be sending out with pupils an overview of the after school clubs available throughout the year. This list is not exhaustive and may be added to throughout the year. You are encouraged to complete the form indicating which clubs your child would like to try. You will then receive a letter confirming which clubs your child has been offered.

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Year 6 Spy hunt

To launch our ‘Friend or Foe’ theme, children began their SOE/Spy School training working in teams to decode a cryptic message left by a mystery agent. During this Spy Hunt, children found various clues, items and gadgets that had been left behind.

As we speak, the children of year 6 are honing their spy skills – learning how light and shadows behave in order to send messages and stay illusive as well as using skills of inference and deduction in their reading – to name but a few of the skills they require to pass their Spy School training.