Newsletter #3 – 26/9/16

Value – Hope | Menu – Week 1


The children have had a very week busy both in school and after school. This week Year 5 children and staff have been banqueting Greek style. They were dressed in robes and tasted a variety of foods.

The cross country team took park in their first competitive race of the season with Ross Higgens winning the boys race. Whilst I was delighted to see so many clubs happening on offer for the children and the range of variety, it also brought its problems. The collection of the children afterwards from the main entrance area was challenging. From next week all the children will be brought to the front playground by the members of staff and handed over to parents. The main entrance area will not be used. This will keep this area free for other enquires. The issue of parking is also challenging for parents as there are no spaces in the school staff car park and the surrounding streets. Parents are encouraged to park and pay at the Cascades car park. This is a private car park. Alternatively, parents could park at Morrisons and walk along the old railway embankment which comes out onto Chance Street.

iSing POP

Next week we welcome back iSing Pop. The children will be recording a set of original songs and performing to yourselves. iSingPOP helps to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural and social development of pupils and their place in the community. They will be learning and performing a number of special songs with actions, which support our school values as well as enhance the children’s learning in a range of subjects including Music, RE and Citizenship. More details about the two performances will follow.

Playground trees – A reminder

We are very fortunate to be surrounded by many trees on our grounds, particularly at the front of the school. Throughout the day the children know not to climb, swing or damage them. However at the start of the day and at the end of the day some children are climbing, swinging and sadly damaging the small trees. Please can I request that whilst children are under the supervision of parents, grandparents or child minders that they refrain from doing so. There is also the risk of personal injury which the school is not liable for.

Breakfast/After school club – A Reminder

We are now full most mornings for breakfast club and full for the afterschool provision. We will not be able to guarentee places on an adhoc or morning of the day needed. It is therefore important that booking and payments are made at the office on the preceeding Thursday

Last printed newsletter

Our newsletters are now available on our school website. A few printed copies will be available from the school office. It is part of our environmental initiative.


Monday – Football Y5/6 4.15pm finish, Choir Y4/5/6 4.15pm finish,

Tuesday  – Netball Y6 4.15pm finish, Science Y1 4.15pm finish, Football Y3/4 4.15pm finish, Cooking Y3/4/5/6 4.15pm finish, Drama Y4/5/6 4.15pm finish, Maths Club Y1/2 & Parents 4.15pm finish

Wednesday –  Girls Tag Rugby Y4/5 4.15pm finish

Thursday – Dance Y2 4.15pm finish, X Country Race 1 Vineyards 4.00pm – 5.00pm finish

Friday – Book Club Y3,4,5,6 4.15pm finish, Table Tennis Y5/6 4.15pm finish


Monday 26th Sept – Y3 Bristol Trip
Tuesday 27th Y6 – Winchcombe Trip
Wednesday 28th  Sept – Y1 trip All Things Wild Pershore
Thursday 29th Sept –  All Saints Academy presentation 3.30pm Y5&6 parents only

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